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There have been several forest fires caused by global warming and a lot of animal habitats have been destroyed by these. Quokkas decided to join human society. Their adaptation was incredibly fast; they learned human culture, created social areas for themselves, started working in several industries, behaved like humans and used the internet. Nowadays we are living in the same society and we understand each other. Their life is so interesting. Come and join our community to see what they are doing!

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About Us

Quokka Zone DAO is a NFT collection with 1111 unique pieces on the Solana blockchain. Project aims to create its own ecosystem which includes creating a clothing brand, providing support to community members’ NFT projects and creating games in which players can earn quoak tokens in Quokkaverse.



The project gives great reasons to people to buy and hold Quokka Zone DAO including but not limited to;


  • The project will be managed by NFT holders, not from founders. Each decision will be determined by DAO voting processes. 

  • Each NFT holder has the right to join DAO voting processes. 

  • Our DAO treasury is being fed by several resources which are; 70% of V2 royalties, 70% of merch store profit and 70% of mint funds. This treasury will be controlled by our NFT holders' vote.

  • There will be several giveaways which can only be joined by the NFT holders.

  • Everyone can buy merchandise but NFT holders have significant discounts on these items.

  • There will be a merch collection which will only be bought from NFT holders. 

  • There will be a platform where the NFT holders can show their own NFT projects and each month one NFT project will be supported by Quokka Zone DAO.

  • NFT Holders will determine token economics.

  • Each of the NFT holders are given ownership and commercial usage rights of their NFTs because they will also buy the Intellectual Property of NFTs. As long as they retain ownership they can use their NFTs all over the world.

  • All of the NFT holders can get free Baby Quokkas.



Project Manager

Works for everything's alright. Several experiences in different industries. Introduced everyone on the team to each other.


Techincal Project Manager

Responsible for each of the computer staff. True team player and is open to communication. Learn extremely fast.



Gives constructive feedback to team members and mentor them throughout the project. Have experience in the cryptocurrency industry.



Creator of all of the NFTs. A perfect designer who worked with industry-leading brands. Workaholic, probably can work forever.


Community Manager

People person who have a high EQ and empathy. Great people skills and love research.


Community Manager Assistant

Helps the Community Manager. Loves to learn new things. Manages social media channels and understands the community needs and wishes.



The main vision of the project is creating a quokka ecosystem which is driven by NFT holders and becoming one of the biggest NFT communities in the Solana network. Our second vision is to become a NFT community hub that creates spin-off projects monthly so we can contribute to the Solana ecosystem. 


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